Operating profit at Samsung Electronics IT and mobile business – overwhelmingly constituted by smartphone earnings – bounced back in the first quarter from its lows in late 2014, although it still suffered a steep year-on-year decline.今年一季度,三星电子(Samsung Electronics)IT与移动部门的营业利润较2014年末的低点构建了声浪,不过同比降幅仍相当大。

物联网预示舒适未来 Internet of things turns menial tasks into high-te_bg游戏真人平台

The Reality Editor, a tool developed by the Fluid Interfaces Group at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, points to a future in which everything from chairs and beds to televisions and cars can be connected, manipulated and controlled in new ways. 麻省理工学院(MIT)“流体界面小组”(Fluid Interfaces Group)研发的工具“现实编辑器”(Reality Editor)给我们展出了这样的未来:从椅子、床到电视、汽车的一切物品都需要以新的方式相连、操控和掌控。


Smart Device Translates American Sign Language To English智能传感器把美国手语翻译成英文American Sign Language (ASL), has been one of the primary means of communication for the deaf in the United States and many parts of Canada since the 1800s. It is estimated that between 500,000 to 2 million people use the language on a regular basis.19世纪来,美国手语已沦为美国和加拿大大部分地区失明之人交流的主要方式。